Monday, June 9

Epic strikes again

So, it is 9:40 pm.

Scott fell asleep on the couch a dozen times between 7:30 and 8 pm, before he threw in the towel and went to bed. It's definitely the last week of school.

Sam and Peyton are in the boy's room reading the Bible. Yep, the Bible.

OK, so it's the animated version that reads like a cartoon with thought bubbles and the whole bit but it captivates them both for some reason, but I get to say that they are reading the Bible on their own. Can't go wrong there.

And I should be in bed, too, but tonight I need to write. I left that part of me behind in the quest for "epic" weeks lately. But a friend came over Saturday and we talked about many great things, but among them was the reminder to take time to do the things that heal you. I am in need of a little healing these days, so here we are.

We've had many big moments since I last wrote.

On Memorial Day weekend, we took for first camping trip of 2014. Our summer season opener. It looked something like this:

Which is pretty amazing since the other years it has rained or been 40 degrees, and has generally been a hilarious adventure in and of itself. This time, it was sunny, warm, and just darned relaxing. God knows we needed it. We enjoyed wonderful food, had some solid fishing, and even hosted a campground concert (much to the enjoyment of all our camping neighbors). We returned to celebrate a friend's birthday, capping off the weekend perfectly.

All good, right?

But then you come back to reality. I have been having a battle with time again. We've had many "epic" weeks lately, with no end in sight, really, as we bound into summer. And it irks me that I haven't come up with a solution to jumping off the crazy train, despite having cut back in some areas. Hibernating might work, but I don't like that idea at all. Where do my 24 hours go, and how is there always so much to do, and why are we always rushing, rushing, rushing, and HOW IS THIS OK?

It's not.

I am working on that.

Part of the craziness is because some other big things have happened:

A co-worker and I had a big ole San Francisco Adventure that included a speaking engagement that was above and beyond anything I have ever done in my career. Nerve-wracking and challenging to say the least. It may not have even been any good. But we did it. Thanks to some well-timed prayers and lots of laughs to keep it loose, we got 'er done.

And had a little fun, too.

Then on Sunday, Sam decided to get baptized. VERY COOL experience. Heartland Church does this celebration really well. I am so proud of Sam for stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing what it means to speak her faith out loud. She's a good egg, that one. I've had a roller coaster of emotions at times with her, but these moments make me remember how unique and special she really is. Good things are happening here.

And lately I have needed that reminder. I find that I feel less grateful for these many moments when I am caught up in the petty day-to-day-ness of my life. My mind has been on the details lately and I am missing the big picture. How far we've come. What we have. Who we are becoming. How little some things matter in the big scheme of a life.

Sometimes I read teeny-bop novels. Total confession here. And I loved The Fault in Our Stars, which is now a movie, and appropriately so as it has somewhere around 100 sweet lines, including this one:

"You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I am grateful."

I want to be that grateful. Always.

And maybe that's why I chase time down to it's last precious seconds. When I was a kid, I would often sit outside in the summer as the sun left the sky for the moon, watching that last ray sink away. I waited and waited, wanting to keep every moment of the day. Sometimes I do that even now, stopping to watch a sunset before it melts behind the house across my backyard.

I want to remember to use every ounce of time in my numbered days, whatever that number may be.

I want to be grateful. Even when life gets a little "epic."

May your summer run deep and long, and be truly magical. Chase forever, friends.