Monday, April 21

Run your race

I've got the bug.

With the warmer weather (slept with window open last night. ah-mazing!) and one of my favoritist races in the world right around the corner, all I want to do is run.

This morning, I punched the numbers for the free preview station for the Universal sports channel (thanks, Dish) which was covering the Boston Marathon. And between all the bustling excitement on the screen, the clearly perfect running conditions (no wind, blue sky), and the unmistakable feeling of a country overcoming right in front of my eyes, I just wanted to be there.

I watched the elites take off, and a mere 2 hours later - between answering work emails and fleshing out a PowerPoint - I watched the elites run in. And while I will never know that feeling - the true victory, how it feels to be first, how much it hurts to run sub-5 miles for most of the 26 miles (seriously?), winning a buttload of prize money - I still know that feeling.

How it feels to push even when it hurts. How it feels to hear a crowd cheering, the relief of crossing the line, the pure exhaustion after kicking into gear that last mile (which feels like forever no matter the race distance). The pay-off of weeks of training.

The after-party.

excited for this annual tradition this weekend! rain or shine, baby!

The decision to do it all again soon.

And I could be crazy, but I think I will regret not attempting a marathon once in my lifetime. Maybe that's just today talking. But sometimes "today" needs to commit to tomorrow. So, a marathon just made my 40-by-40 list.

That crazy, ole list.

What started as a goal to accomplish before I turned 40 has since become a goal of things to accomplish while I am 40. As it turns out, 40 new things is a lot to do in a short period of time. And, really, I have gotten a great start on the overall reason why I did this in the first place - to get out of my everyday-the-same-thing rut. To jump off the hamster wheel. To run a new race.

This I have definitely done. Here's a bit of an update on that.

22. A visit to Gulf Shores, Alabama. A first for our family - and a must-do again! I wrote about it in the last post if you want to know more.

23. My first tattoo consult. Yes I did! A few weeks ago I made a visit to a friend's house in Green Bay, and we made a pitstop at Tattoo's By Rick. Apparently they've tatted up a few Packers, so I thought it was a safe bet. They are booked out into summer now, and as soon as I finalize our camp/vacation schedule I'll make the call. Unless, of course, it happens in Madison first! (Don't worry Mom, it's a really small tattoo.) Story to arrive later ...

24. Have you ever tried oil pulling? I guess it's a thing! And we tried it (read about the benefits here). I am pretty sure I can't do this daily. I like coconut oil, but swishing it in your mouth until it liquifies for 20 minutes is not how I like to enjoy it. I guess I should keep at this if I want to reap all the benefits (toxin removal, etc). How bad do I want that?

I am stepping up my game after this. Scheduling a half-marathon in another state (who wants to go to Arizona in January?); planning out my marathon adventure; booking my next mission trip. Giving, giving, giving in a whole new way. This is one area I really want to change.

But first, I have a birthday to get through.

I do have one ask in this already really long and rambly post: I am involved with an organization that is doing some pretty amazing things in our community. Box of Balloons gives simple, themed birthday parties to children in need in our area. It is a wonderful little set-up that my friends so brilliantly developed, and it is so easy to be a part of the giving. A great, inexpensive way for your kiddos to get involved, too (Sam and I are going shopping for a little girl's present this week). Please check it out and get involved if you can.

Seriously, there are good things happening here. And this is REALLY worth celebrating.

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