Monday, May 20

Random thoughts, v.2

I warned you this day was coming. Sometimes my brain is overworked, and I can't form coherent sentences. Usually the result of exhaustion and "epicness."

This is one of those days! But it was a fantastic weekend, the weather is sweaty-hot and sunny, and I am all caught up on cleaning ... so I am supremely happy. Random, but happy.

On my mind these days:

-- Dear Legs, why are you so angry at me today? It's not like I totally punished you yesterday. I mean, I felt great running all 13.1 one of those miles ... in my mind and in my lungs. But somewhere around mile 6, you started protesting. I think I even heard swearing. But I showed you, didn't I? One hour and fifty-six minutes - after four races, finally made it under 2 hours!

oh, and did i mention the weather was perfect? 

-- My running partners-in-crime included my best friend from high school and her sister. That pretty much made the weekend perfect! So fun to kick pavement together, which included a lap around Lambeau Field. So cool. Excellent pasta meal the night before, which included two of Jill's friends - one of which offered some last-minute inspiration at Mile 12, when I needed it most! Love when people you just meet hours before remember you and cheer you on. This is why the racing community is so dang awesome. 

-- Favorite road signs from the crowd during the half: "Naked time starts here," (what?) "I heart run" (with the "n" crossed out and an "m" substituted), and "Punch here for power."

-- Subject change: The camper is in our driveway. I repeat, the camper is in our driveway. Let the season begin. Packing like a fiend today.

-- First bonfire of the year on Friday. Perfect night outside. Thanks, hubby, for last-minute decision to start one.

-- Dinner with friends on Sunday night was perfect way to end a start-to-summer weekend. Feeling extraordinarily blessed.

-- Is school over yet? Seriously.

-- I love the way mulch looks, but for crying out loud, those little pieces are everywhere. How do you tame this stuff, anyway?

-- Confession: I turned on the air conditioning last night. I know, it is only May. But it was 90 degrees in the house and I just wanted to sleep. Not sure I got much of that anyway, but at least I felt good.

-- Confession: The air is still on today. I mean, it's 84 degrees. And this is the primary reason why Scott won't move me farther south. He is sure I can't take it. I disagree.

-- I don't like doing bills because I think we are pretty good about overspending and I don't like to face that truth once a week. There is nothing fun about budgeting when you keep finding fun things to do. But life is life, and I always feel better when I stick to a plan.

So, off I go to budget.

Be blessed beyond measure this week!

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