Wednesday, May 29

Summer is really here

Every inch of my garage is covered with lawn chairs, dirty rugs, pots that need scrubbed, coolers that need rinsed. Despite three washings, my hair still smells like bonfire. I've been doing laundry since Monday.

And now there's a nice thunder boomer lighting up the night.

Summer. Is. Here.

Oh, can you just feel it? May was a biggie for our family, and we wrapped it up with an epic camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. The weather wasn't perfect, but it made for a better story. We started with sun and ended with mud slicks, and in between there was glorious music. There may have been enthusiastic singing, and definitely a serenade by my dear husband on the bongos. Yep, the bongos.

There was also fishing. And ice cream, and hiking, and a momentary trip to the beach on a cool night. Because you just gotta, even if it's sweatshirt-weather.

And on Monday afternoon, our rough-and-tumble crew joined a few other fresh-from-camping families at the Grumpy Troll for one last hurrah before heading home for a long night of drying out after a big weekend of memory-making. 

Grateful beyond belief for wonderful, God-given friendships and traditions. 

I've been thinking a lot about traditions, as we've mapped out a summer of fun. Mixing in things we've always loved to do with things we've always wanted to try. And how making schedules work is the new trick, as kids are involved in different activities and we need to squeeze in vacations and friend-time and make the finances work. I was talking with a dear friend tonight and realized we'd both be gone a lot in June. It seems strange to see part of the summer already committed. And while a lot of fun has already begun, there is much to come ... and I am reminded that it goes so very fast.

Which makes me think more about priorities. There are areas of my life where I know I must be more intentional - with how we're raising the kids, with how we're spending our money. And I also am aware of areas where I need to try less ... areas where I let God work His magic while I wait expectantly.

I've also been thinking more about my career. With Scott home this summer, I'll be working more and refocused on the type of legacy I am leaving with work. For some reason, this seems more important these days. I can't explain it, but it feels time to make a bigger impact.

And I'm also learning that less is definitely more. We are still determined to sell our home in the next few years and I keep thinking how awesome it would be to leave half our stuff behind when we do. It's freeing to think that way. For now, the quality of my furniture doesn't bother me. My stuff doesn't own me quite as much. I couldn't always say that. It's kind of nice.

I feel a tide rolling in. Something is changing. I am excited about where this summer will take our family. 

I hope to see you all on the journey.

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