Wednesday, June 12

Settling in

The sun has been playing hide and seek the past two days, but the heat is there. Real legit heat. I didn’t think it was arriving in Wisconsin this year, so I’m happy.

June has taken off like a rocket  ... enjoyed this already in the first 11 days:


I am in full swing “epic” mode right now as I adjust to a new work schedule, new kids-at-home schedule, plan trips, sneak away for some fun, and keep track of all the balls swinging in my direction right now. I guess you can say we are settling into the newness of it all.

I’m not the best at transition. I love a good change-up as much as the next gal, but you’ll see me freak out a few times along the way as I attempt to regain control of life. Interesting, then, that I’ve read a ton of material this week pointing me back to this theme: stop over-planning.

I mean, everywhere I look this theme reappears.

Oh boy, oh boy. How the heck do I even apply that to my life right now? Because when you live on a budget, you need to think ahead. When you have more than 1 schedule to coordinate, you have to think ahead. If you want to carve out me-time or date-time, you have to plan.

But something tells me God wants me to take step back. Starting with less on the plate. That means less time in my head and more time listening. More time savoring. Letting balls drop, and learning finally about what I can handle. Stop trying to solve problems that aren't mine to solve.

I know -- I just wrote about this, but I needed to remember again. 

I have a few steps to take - more on the blog about these soon. In the meantime, I hope you find your own fantastic moments to savor this week.

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