Sunday, November 2


They did it! Scott's team is going to State!! This is as big as it gets in high school volleyball, and I feel like Scott and the girls have worked a bazillion hours for this opportunity.

I still can't believe it is real.

The first game was tough to sit through - a close set, and their play was not reflective of their actual ability. But they fought back and won that one 25-20, and then 25-9, 25-8. So flippin' great.

We'll be spending next weekend in Green Bay - hopefully all weekend long. They play on Friday at 1 pm; if they win, they will play for the title on Saturday at 11:30 am.

These games will also be streaming live somewhere ... will try to send a link when I find out where. Otherwise, check out for more details.

Or you could venture up to Green Bay and take in all the craziness of volleyball intensity!


PS - thanks for the support, game-watching, texts, and emails on behalf of Scott. It means a ton to him!

your sectional final champions!

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