Wednesday, November 12


So I guess I left you hanging with that last post. Unless we know each other well - in which case this is all you have heard about! The Waterloo Pirates are the State Division 3 Champions!

Listen, I don't think I could really summarize last weekend and do it justice. About 50 amazing things happened, and I haven't wrapped my head around all of them. Let's just say that this has been years in the making at the Schumann house - and definitely for these gals - and it feels incredible to see all the hard work come to fruition in this way. And the Waterloo fans - man, oh man, they were awesome.

We made sure to give thanks where thanks is due.

This is the first big announcement I have made in long awhile without Facebook. When Peyton was diagnosed with T1D, Facebook was a lifeline of support to hear from so many people. Not having it in this case seems so strange. But we've been fielding all kinds of texts, calls, and emails with this news, and that's been great too. It's weird to shift your thinking and remember that the world no longer knows your news because you aren't broadcasting it. It definitely feels Stone Age to me, but yet more personal.

But back to volleyball.

The weekend games were intense, with the girls coming from behind in most sets. NAIL BITERS. HEART ATTACK INDUCERS. At one point, the girls were down 10 points in what seemed like a done deal for that set. But they came back. Every time. It felt like a miracle.

Since then, there have been TV and radio interviews. A parade into town that included numerous fire trucks, ambulances, and other such noisy vehicles. Pep rallies. Impromptu pep band concerts. Impromptu parent cheers. Celebration parties with friends. And a little exhaustion.

But it's all been good, good, good.

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate, especially coming to the games this season and supporting something that is such a big part of our lives each fall.

We are grateful.

leaving it all on the court. perfect.

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