Friday, April 19

Just be together

I've struggled to find a suitable blog topic this week. I feel like in the face of an ugly crime, disasters, and the struggles faced by folks I know personally that anything I write will seem trivial.

I know ... we sometimes read blogs to escape from harsher realities. But we sometimes read blogs to share in the pain, or joy, of recent events. I love that blogs build community and tie us together.

Community is pretty darn wonderful, by the way. If the month of April has reminded me of anything thus far, it's been this truth. Only in community can we thrive. How anyone goes about their life on earth alone is beyond me.

We need "we." This is straight-up truth.

So, as some of you know, I love to run. Running a race is one of those insanely wonderful community-building moments. To line up shoulder-to-shoulder in a corral waiting at the start for an event that you trained months and months to do, along with the person next to you and the person next to him and the person next to her ... This is community. People who respect and encourage each other for the work they put in for this one day.

To know that there are those who want to place a black mark in a terrible way on such an event is painful. They must not know community. How so very sad.

Community is what brings dinner to a friend's house after they suffered a loss and just don't feel like cooking. Community is what makes you ask, what can I do to help? when a friend is stressed over a difficult situation. We all saw the meaning of community unfold on the news in a week's worth of awful. It was the bright light in the tough moments.

It's when someone wonders how you are when they haven't heard from you. It's when you experience something epic together and it binds you as part of "the family."

Community is what happens when God walks among us, prompting us to do something real and lasting with our day. Wake up, dear. Someone you care about needs a kind word. Better jump in here and be My hands and feet, ok?

Dang. I really, truly love community.

Listen... there's a lot going on in our world right now. There always is if you look at life from a global perspective. Sometimes it is just more personal.

So don't go at it alone. Seriously, come over and let's do this together. I help you, you help me. We'll build into each other. Difficult days will come, but that's OK. Alright ... it's not "OK," but burdens can be shared.

Just Be Together.

Have a good weekend ... and peace, baby.

A little "ommmmm" for you today, from our backyard community.

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