Monday, April 8

Time to be together

We are finally getting back to a normal schedule after vacation.

Which, in other words, means I am a slave to time again.

When you step away from your everyday life, time becomes less of a dictator, don't you think? Maybe you have to get to a show or a tour at a certain time. Maybe you are meeting friends for dinner. But all in all, the days melt away without that hurry-scurry feeling.

That's why we take vacations.

But I've wondered if it's possible to re-create that effect at home - in the place where the clock demands I keep moving onto the next task/event or I will get too far bahind. I've tried to reinvent this formula in my own life, but it takes a special balance. And constant thought. Do you sign up your child for that additional activity that he or she loves if it means you'll be bound by that ever-ticking second-hand to rush dinner on the table before said-activity starts? Can't they just show up at school whenever they are ready in the morning? Do I really need to schedule that appointment 3 months in advance ... why can't I just show up? When someone stops by my house, do I have to substitute quality time for small chit-chat because I know I need to be somewhere in 15?

I recently read the Mitch Albom book, The Time Keeper, which is a fictional account of God punishing the man who invented the measurement of time. There's a quote in the book from God that goes something like, "What is time to me?" As in - why are you trying to measure something you don't understand? I totally get it. Holding that clock in our hands consumes our lives and makes us think we have control over something that we really don't.

So, I am trying to look at time differently. Quality instead of quantity. Knowing that being late because something wonderful and spontaneous and God-timed held us up is a good thing. The disciplined world won't understand that. But that needs to be between us and God. When He delivers an experience, you have to run with it. I have this sense that I've missed out on a lot of His joys because I was too busy planning my own.


I haven't been blogging as much recently because I've been busy celebrating. I was lucky to have some great fun in the short week since I've been home, spending loads of time with dear friends and even throwing in a Sunday date night with my hubby for good measure. So very special, that entire time for which I can't measure the value. I allowed the week to be shaken up and enjoyed every second.

When it comes to time, this is the good stuff. If I was reminded of anything else this week, it was the value of taking care of each other. We need more of this, people! Go ahead - jam your mailbox full of letters to friends. (Bring back to postal service! Letters are my favorite.) Check in with each other. Make a call, send a text, give one of those hugs where you hold on a little longer because you are just so grateful.

That's time worth spending.

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