Wednesday, April 24

Random thoughts, v.1

I'm having a week. The kind where your brain shuts down and runs on auto-pilot. Nothing bad happening, just adjusting to new schedules and trying to resolve all things undone.

That's why I am writing random thoughts ... you know, since I can't formulate many cohesive ones. I titled this post "volume 1" since this is likely to happen again. Probably more times than I care to admit. You've been warned.

When I was in middle-school, we used to go on these weekend youth retreats with church. Usually a family in the town where we were headed would house our group of crazed pre-teens for the night or two. These trips usually included copious amounts of licorice, Pixie Stix, Mountain Dew, and 2 am nights. Needless to say, we'd be slap-happy pretty much the entire trip.

That's kinda how I feel today.

So, random thoughts:

-- Schedules are much too busy. People have crazy demands on them. Has it always been this way? Am I remembering simpler times from my childhood mind because, as a child, life rarely feels overly demanding? I vow we all eliminate the word "busy" from our vocab. Let's call it something more fun. Like epic. As in, "I am having an epic day, running from soccer to gym to store to book club." There, doesn't that sound less ... busy? And more fun?

-- I don't like making more than one phone call for technical assistance. I think 6 in a day is a bit excessive, hmm? And automatic bill pay should never cause confusion. Come on, this is people's money we are dealing with here!

-- Waiting is hard. Dang hard, and apparently I am not good at it because God has decided I need some more practice.

-- Soccer has begun! All hail the coming season. We have been bumped by rain and muddy fields. My son has been restlessly tossing balls around the house, waiting to have permission to run free. We have made it.

-- Sometimes I am super bummed to do parenting alone during Scott's coaching seasons. That means I run solo to our kid's activities. It's lonely - but the upside is I have met a lot of great people at these events as I stretch my wings. Still, my favorite times are when Dad can join us.

-- The tween years are tough. Still innocent, yet quickly growing out of it. Sigh. Slow down, world. Lets put it in park for awhile, ok?

-- Which takes me back to waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting for responses, ideas, direction, change. Think God is trying to tell me something?

-- I am getting really fast at typing on an iPad. Is this a relevant random thought? Probably not. But here we are.

-- God bless the mechanically inclined in this world. You win, I surrender. Just fix my car, please!

-- I can't do 4th grade math. So embarrassing.

-- Oh, how our school mother-son bowling night rocks. All boy noise, no drama. Lots of tackling, wrestling, hopping, dancing, trash-talking, and eating. Tons and tons of eating. I really, truly love it.

-- I am ready to stop packing school lunches. But not ready for school to be out yet. Any other moms with me on this?

-- Summer planning is like putting together the pieces of a crazy-expensive jigsaw puzzle. How do you keep your kids busy ... I mean epic ... with activities, but make room for spontaneity?

-- I just took a break from writing and cracked open, chewed, and swallowed about 15 pistachios in under 20 seconds. I swear. A little focus problem maybe? I am also very hungry lately, thanks to upping my runs in anticipation of my upcoming half-marathon. I think I have already lost a toenail in training. Probably not a good sign?

-- Did I see correctly? An upcoming temp with a 7 in it, even one with an 8. In the beginning of the temp, not the end. Oh yes. Bring on the dancing. For those counting, it was last like this in October. Maybe September. My birthday is next week, so this is a pretty sweet present.

-- Is there any better intro to a Madison summer than opening weekend of Farmer's Market? A canceled soccer game gave mom and Peyton a morning together on the Square this past weekend. Awesome.

Well, that's all I have. Probably enough, right? Make it an epic week, friends!

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