Wednesday, July 31

Eleven, baby!

Oh yes, oh yes - another summer birthday is upon us. Number eleven. 

I don't even know what to think about that.

Samantha is no longer a little girl, but rather an emerging adult. It's so strange to transition from raising a child to raising someone who will be driving in less than 5 years, for the love of pete. There are many parts of her that are still youthful and there are parts that are more mature. And I love both moments, but miss the times when our only concerns were teaching her to share or how to recognize letters and numbers.

That seems many moons ago.

Since she's our first, every stage feels new. There isn't a single season of life without reasons for concern, and if I dwell on those, I will be awfully busy worrying. (I may have learned this the hard way.) What helps is talking with other mamas about the concerns and not bottling them in. Once they are out, I try to keep them out.

God's got it anyway.

And when you push aside your own fears about your kids, you have plenty of room for reasons to celebrate. So that's what we'll do. This girl's got great attributes busting out all over, and I love seeing the new sides of her. Sam is a constant creator -- just yesterday she drew a portrait and wrote a song. She's willing to try new things. She's rarely shy and loves making new friends. Her attitude is always sunny-side-up, and she sees possibilities everywhere.

If you back her into a corner, she will fight. This might be one reason we have struggles at times, but I am confident she'll stand up for herself and others when the need is there.

Sam always wants to do the right thing and hates to disappoint. A kind word goes a million miles with her ... so here's one from me and Dad: Eleven looks great on you, girl. Keep smiling. You are going places! XOXOXO

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