Monday, July 1

Number nine

Little Man turned 9 yesterday. We celebrated with a small sea of boys, a couple of gals, and at least 100 Nerf bullets. It was one of the best weather days all year here, a nod to this great kid's spirit, I think.

I rarely stress over Peyton. Not to say I haven't before, but his easy nature makes it hard to remember what was worth stressing about in the first place. Underneath his cool exterior is a young man who longs for no one to hurt, thrives on imagination, and just wants a hug. Even though he's older now, I still find myself grabbing his hand when we are in public -- not because he needs to be steered in a certain direction, but because that's how we show we care.

And he says the craziest things sometimes. Seriously. If my memory wasn't so terrible, I could share an entire book of Peytonisms here. Then again, they might not make much sense. Peyton has a knack for saying just the right thing at just the right time, and it's usually an observation an adult might make or a snarky one-liner. Which just cracks us all up.

Peyton's curiosity reminds me that life is about asking questions and seeking answers. He'd rather read an encyclopedia than fiction. Like all of us, he's already learning that some answers don't make sense. While it saddens me sometimes to watch innocence dissolve, it also makes me excited to watch him turn into a young man. Full of promise, growing into who he was made to be.

I think 9 will be awesome, don't you?

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