Wednesday, March 6

Breaking through barriers

Yesterday I bundled into fuzzy socks to go to work. From home. Grateful that I didn’t have to fight slick roads and beltline traffic to make it home that afternoon.

Yes, another heaping pile of white down fell yesterday. Way back in December, we would all have been excited about that. But it’s March. So ... maybe we shouldn't even mention it, hmm?

Lately, I have been struck by this desire to "fight through." I've been faced with a few roadblocks in all sorts of life situations in recent months, and the message I keep hearing is to keep on keepin' on. Easier said than done some days, but I much prefer to move ahead inches than stand still until I can take leaps. Besides, I always feel better when I score a personal victory.

I've also been struck this week by this truth that life moves quickly and there are precious few days.

So we make the most of them. Even with the little things. Even when the unmentionable snow falls.

Like, yesterday, I drank way too much coffee from my favorite mug. With a favorite reminder.

many warm refills that day.

I took extra time to get the kids ready in the morning, OK with running late for once. Grateful for a morning that came without a fight.

When dinnertime rolled around, I entertained Little Man's suggestion that I dial Dad to bring home pizza. So I did - we need 1 pizza, I announced. Two pizzas, breadsticks, and package of chicken wings later, Peyton was proclaiming, "Dad is so great. I love him. I'm glad you married him." I guess Dad knows the way to a boy's heart.

As for me, I braved the roads and met a friend for dinner somewhere new-to-us, with a cozy atmosphere and a fried green tomato BLT that made me rethink how I will do all future BLTs. Take that snowy roadblocks.

rock star front-row parking. 

There are times in my life when I let the roadblocks provide an easy excuse to stay put. And there are times when I plow them over. More often, I give em a kick now and again until I slowly nudge them out of the way. Yesterday felt like that. And it was a good reminder - like the snow, roadblocks are temporary. I'm especially grateful the moment they disappear, and, with bright clarity, I'm finally able to see what I learned by facing them. 

Blue skies are promised for the next couple of days. Grateful for small strides. I hope there's sun in your world, too.

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  1. Those Little Caesars meal deals are difficult for a Dad to pass up. You give me hope that a morning "without a fight" is even possible (between the months of September and May that is).