Wednesday, March 20

Looking forward to ...

I know it was crazy.

Even as I was stepping into my leggings and fumbling in the closet for my shoes, every inch of me was screaming, Don't do this. Please. I wanted to give in to The Voice, so badly. But I had already given her many victories recently and she was getting cocky.

So I grabbed my music, the fuzziest gloves I could find, and my kid's ear warmers. I dropped Peyton off at karate, ignored all the What are you doing? stares, and bolted out the door for a run.

these barely carried me back to the karate studio today.

It was 15 degrees out. My nose nearly fell off. My fingertips were numb, my lungs in shock. I went as far as I could handle and when I stopped, I felt amazing. Not just because I stopped, but because I did it. Sometimes doing the crazy, who-would-attempt-that? things make you feel powerful. Like, dang-I-got-this powerful.

Feeling powerful makes me feel alive. And feeling alive makes me realize all the good things going on right now.

So here's what I'm looking forward to:

Warmer runs
Um, just because I had a moment in the cold doesn't mean I'm not ready to wear shorts again when I run. So ready, in fact, because I am training for a half-marathon in May with one of my best friends and her sister. Laurie was always a great athlete, and I always wanted to be. Now we get to run together. Super excited about that!

Getting the heck out of Dodge
Did I mention it was 15 degrees? Get out now. Headed to Tennessee for some family time, cabin living, great food, fishing, shopping, and help with the kids. Score.

Date night before getting out of Dodge
Scott is headed to Costa Rica with high-schoolers, so since we won't see each other for a bit we will be attempting a night out together sometime this weekend. To watch basketball, of course. (And eat!)

Seeing who will win the Family Brackets Competition
And speaking of basketball ... all four of us fill out bracket sheets for the NCAA tourney. Let me clarify now that none of us watch college basketball at any other time during the season. We can't even watch highlights because we no longer have ESPN (gasp!) But this is always so fun for our competitive selves - especially me since I have won these a few times. And yes, there are bets on the line.

sam finishing her brackets. she has wisconsin in the final four.
such a loyal gal.

New reads
Books arriving any day now from Amazon for my airplane and cabin reading over Spring Break. So, so ready. I don't read anything heavy and thought-provoking at night because my brain likes to be entertained and I am not much of a TV gal. So I am starting with Beautiful Creatures.

Eh, what can I say?

The entire month of April
You know why? Because we have a few fun things planned and everything else is unplanned. Open, except for fun. And while we have our busy moments, they will be manageable and balanced with a good dose of good times.

adirondack chairs getting put to use soon. i can feel it.

I hope your list of things you are looking forward to is three times this long. Enjoy and be blessed this coming week!

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