Saturday, March 30

On a break

At times, the winters of our life need a little spring. I almost didn't take a break this year. Oh, but am I glad I did.

The kids and I ventured to visit the grandparents in Tennessee, and although it is not Costa Rica-hot right now like Scott is experiencing, we are enjoying a few luxuries previously unavailable to Wisconsinites.

Like grass. Seeing it for the first time in three months. Smelling freshly cut grass for the first time since October.

And we have been reintroduced to flowers. Color is blooming here.

I ran outside today in a t-shirt. I know ... you extra-hearty Northerners are OK doing this in 40-degree weather, but that's a no-go for me.

The sun is out on a fairly regular basis. Peyton is fishing; if you know him at all, you know he's happy.

My kids no longer have static in their hair. I can smell the humidity.

My parents are treating us like royalty, which means we eat good every night. I love meat again, at least the way Pappy cooks it on the grill.

And I have been reminded of something important: Even if we didn't have a place to go to escape the doldrums, it would have been vital to leave anyway. Even for a day. Even if the budget was tight. The change of scenery has woken us all from our long winter's nap.

And speaking of change of scenery ... this year we took a test-run of a cabin getaway in the Smokey's to see if we liked it.

Yep, we sure did.

We will be back. Who's in?

I hope your week was refreshing, as well. The snow is melting at home. This is a good start. Let the celebration of an event that brings our souls in harmony with His Love really bring Spring home to you.


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